PanX, pronounced Pan-X; is a webspace and community that aims to provide job seekers and hiring employers with the best resources and tools.

Help us improve

Join us and help shape our community. We are running this web-space primarily to benefit job seekers find the right opportunities and for employers to find the right culture fit and keep them. If you have any ideas we would love to hear them.

Looking for jobs?

We pledge to make the most useful interactive website based on what our users want not the other way around. Let us know what we can improve. Meanwhile be part of our community attend events and connect, sharpen your skills and learn new ones or when you are ready for a career change browse the available jobs.


We pledge to be transparent, open and aim to design tools that empower businesses with customization, low/no learning curve, affordable to all sizes and extendable. We believe businesses should not go out of their way to adopt new tools but rather that the solutions should be smart enough to accommodate all needs.

Why PanX?

Because we were built by the people for the people. Startups and NGO can now attract the required top talents for free.