Candidate Recruitment Metrics

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Candidate & Employee Profiles

Profiles give your team the complete picture on who the candidate or employee is  and Admins can also access a bunch of functionalities through profile, from advancing a candidate to sending workplace surveys.

Job Requisitions

Hiring managers can send job requisitions by filling the form online or from their mobile. The HR team is always in the loop and so are the hiring managers, lowering time-to-fill for each vacancy and identifying position-specific bottle necks.

Hiring Campaigns

PanX CRM helps you track your internal and external recruitment campaigns effort. Keep track of each campaign cost and output. Analyze how your business spends on hiring across different departments.

User Meetings & Tasks

Activities play an important role in daily business operations. Activities can be either calls, events and tasks. In PanX CRM,you can associate activities with candidates, employees, campaigns, etc. Under the Activities, you can store information related to Tasks, Events, and Calls.

Website Analytics

Proactively chat with your visitors and send them targeted messages while they’re browsing your website using Zoho SalesIQ. For instance, a visitor on your careers page for over a minute is more likely to apply for a job. Convert these visitors into leads and assign follow-up tasks to recruiters.


Gently guide users through what actions should be taken at what time, – and prompts them for the right information in the right sequence. Make your process repeatable for new hires, as well as longtime HR personnels.

Custom Reports

Each report provides access to important data required for various purposes. In PanX CRM, standard reports are provided in various modules, which can be either used as is or customized per your business requirements.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation makes your business hours more productive by finishing routine tasks for you. Create alerts, get notifications and take automatic action.

Email templates & Insights

As a HR person, it is essential that you know the best ways to engage with your candidates, employees, and managers. Adding context and analytics to your email enables anyone to write more powerful content, measure its performance and receive better responses.

Data Migration

The Data Migration wizard automatically maps import files to CRM modules and fields. In case of modules that are not already available, PanX CRM creates them and maps relevant files to it. It gives you the number files that are mapped, unmapped and also the one that are not supported.


Integrations for normal Google account users and also Google Apps users, some integrations with Zoho products such as the Zoho Mail, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho Projects. Additionally, there are Third-Party software such as Social Integration and Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook


Internal Referrals

Referrals are the most reliable source of high-quality candidates, so PanX makes it easy for everyone to contribute to the recruitment process. Providing you with internal referral and A/B testing campaigns.

Interview Kits & Scorecards

Hiring managers can specify the key area focus for every interview to prep the recruiter with an interview plan. Recruiters can then give actionable feedback on candidates using customizable score cards.

Employee Assessment

Employees and managers can submit quarterly, semi-annually or annually assessment. Keep an eye on thier overall performance, as well as any pros and cons, or strengths and weaknesses.


Get a comprehensive view of the latest activities of different users in your organizational account and ensures that you stay updated. With the teams distributed across the globe in different time zones, coordinating with them to get a daily report is a cumbersome task.

Scoring Rules

Scoring rules help you prioritize candidates, vacancies, and open pipelines based on record properties like fields, and touch points such as calls, emails, social signals, etc. You can assign positive and negative points these points add up dynamically.

Sharable Dashboards

Dashboard is a visual representation of your custom reports, which gives a real-time snapshot of your organization’s key metrics. Using dashboards, you can easily visualize then share the patterns and trends.

Forms & Surveys

Using webforms feature can enable you to create workplace culture survey and allow employees to anonymously give their feedback to solve pressing issues in the workplace and nurture a productive loving environment.

Copy Customization

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User access & profiles

Your employee and business records are important assets that shouldn’t be shared with everyone. CRM’s enterprise-level security features allow administrators to set different levels of access permissions so they can keep a close eye on who can do what and view which information.

API & Webhooks

API & Webhooks facilitates communication with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications every time an event occurs in PanX CRM. With Webhooks, you can configure HTTP URLs and associate them in workflow rules to automate the entire notification process.

Territory Management

Handle any form of records segmentation. Share accounts among territories, identify regions with issues, bottlenecks, high ROI and act on it, all while offering an excellent workplace environment.


Big Data Ready 100%
ROI 100%
Lower time-to-fill 100%
Higher retention rate 100%
Customizable 100%
Secure 100%