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What is HireUps?

HireUps is a challenge-based skill-specific hiring event, where you can; showcase your skills, network with professionals, receive performance feedback, improve your skills and get job offers.

Is HireUps for me?

If you are looking for connections, face-time with your future boss, testing your skills or improving it, HireUps hiring meetups are designed just for that.

How does it work?

A small number (Between 10-30) of talents are invited to complete a real work challenge designed to test their skills. You get to hear feedback from the employers directly and maybe a job offer.

How do I participate?

The event is free for job seekers if you’d like to attend submit your resume then fill out this form.


If you’d like to attend register first then fill out this form.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

No, HireUps are small hiring skill specific challenge-based meetups, only 10 to 30 people are invited to make sure it is personal for each attendee and everyone gets enough face-time.

Instead of dropping your CV that says you are good at x, you do a challenge and show it.

Yes, for anyone seeking a job.

It’s meetups aimed to connect talented individuals looking for a job directly to employers looking to hire.

Everyone is welcomed to attend you just need to request an invitation.

No, you need to have an invitation.

For the time being, yes. That is what most of the employers are requesting from us.

Minimum 10 and max 30. We try to focus on quality and diversity to make sure everyone makes the most of it.

It varies on the skill in demand but the average is between 3-10 employers.

Definitely! Get in touch we will even help you set it up.