Top 10 Job Websites in the US

Looking for the best job websites to land your next job or hire?


Top 10 job websites in the US

Did you already go through these sort of articles: “10 Best Job Search Sites in the US”, “Top ten Job websites in US” , “Full list of job search sites in the US” and could not make up your mind?

The PanX community came together to launch this six piece article comparing 10 job websites in six countries. Following the footsteps of the invisible college a group of natural philosophers who invented the first and longest running scientific journal in 1665, we intend to not just publish our claims/findings but more importantly how we did the research and what were the criteria.

We are reviewing these ten job websites based on the following factors;

  • Job website rank in country
  • Job website rank globally
  • Total number of jobs
  • Total number of users/resumes/CVs
  • Top 5 job categories/Industries
  • Pricing

Our aim is to help you -whether you are looking for jobs, candidates or data- to make an informed decision based on statistics, insights and facts. This is not a ranking but rather an analysis of those ten job websites and as always we encourage you to do your own research.

WebsiteNumber Of JobsNumber Of Users/CVs/ResumesCountry RankGlobal RankPricing (Job post)
Indeed??90M57178Pay-per-click starts from a $5 daily budget
Careerbuilder160,40045M9484,247$375 per job post for 30 days
Glassdoor??45M9444710 Free job posts for 7 days
Dice78,30718M1,7467,318$395 per job post for 30 days
AngelList74,7901.4M173,037512,189Free job posts
Monster????4701,868$375 per job post for 30 days
$399 per job post for 60 days
Snagajob885,627??1,2926,917$89 per job post for 30 days
LinkUp20,000??18,45562,150 Pay-per-click



Brief: LinkedIn is a professional social networking service they have both a websites and mobile app. In April 2017, LinkedIn announced that they have 500 million members in 200 countries, with more than 106 million active members. LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft $26.2 billion on June 13, 2016.

The top 5 number of openings per job category are:

  1. 2,323,704 Management
  2. 1,431,882 Sales
  3. 932,516 Healthcare
  4. 444,148 Engineering
  5. 216,133 Finance


Brief: Indeed is a worldwide employment search engine launched in November 2004. Indeed is now available in over 60 countries and 28 languages.

The top 5 number of openings per job category are:

  1. Customer Service 1,260,066
  2. Sales 961,144
  3. Retail 883,980
  4. Parttime 680,518
  5. Healthcare 534,136


Brief: CareerBuilder was founded in 1995 as online employment website now provides labor market intelligence, talent management software, and other recruitment solutions, including online career search services.


Brief: Glassdoor is a workplace review website where current employees and previous employees anonymously review companies and upper management. The company was cofounded in 2007.


Brief: is a career website owned by DHI Group. It serves information technology and engineering professionals.

The top 5 number of openings per job category are: Developer, Engineer , Information Technology and Information Systems jobs.


Brief: ZipRecruiter is mainly a tool that helps businesses distribute job postings. They operate across the U.S. and U.K.

The top 5 number of openings per job category are:

  1. 3,089,957+ No Experience Jobs
  2. 1,504,013+ Education Jobs
  3. 1,040,420+ Work From Home Jobs
  4. 560,994+ Nursing Jobs
  5. 715,085+ Government Jobs


Brief: AngelList is an online community for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers. Launched in 2010, the platform’s goal is to democratize the investment process. It started as an online introduction board for tech startups that needed seed funding. In 2015, AngelList connected startups to raise money from angel investors free of charge.


Brief: an American-based global employment website owned and operated by Monster Worldwide, Inc. It was created in 1999 through the merger of The Monster Board (TMB) and Online Career Center (OCC). Monster is primarily used to help those seeking work to find job openings, for lower to mid-level employment, that match their skills and location. Monster is headquartered is in Weston, MA in the United States.


Brief: Snagajob is an online employment website specializing in the hourly marketplace.

The top 5 number of openings per job category are:

  1. Customer Services 481,204
  2. Retail 288,792
  3. Food Restaurants 266,292
  4. Education Jobs 232,007
  5. Transportation 120,965

10. LinkUp

Brief: LinkUp indexes job openings directly from employer websites. They provide job search for job seekers, employer branding and insightful job market data.

More job websites:


Brief: Launched in Jan 2018, PanX is a webspace providing both job seekers and employers with useful resources.

The top 5 number of openings per job category are:

  1. Developers 4480
  2. Designers 2232
  3. full stack 1400
  4. Social Media 1215
  5. Remote 1020

Number of Jobs: 20,000+

Number of CVs: 1000+

Job Post pricing:  Free for 20 days

Global Rank: 13,249,382


Brief: DirectEmployers Association, Inc., a non-profit consortium of leading global employers.

Pricing: Free

Country Rank: 31,923

Global Rank: 180,296


Whether you found this article useful or not, we would love to hear what you think! If you have had any experience with any of these listed job websites or think some other job boards/aggregators should be included in this list, let us know down below in the comments. Help make and be part of a community that engages in meaningful conversations, PanX community needs your input, write for us. Next article will be the top ten job websites in the UK,  subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest job-related articles.